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Get ready for the return of TV Time Rewind … it's been a wild year and if you're like us, you've done a lot of television & movie watching in 2023. Our Rewind helps you look back on all that you've accomplished throughout the year. As a reminder, we value ALL of your tracking data and TV Time Rewind will reflect that by coming out in early 2024, so be sure to keep tracking to get a full picture of all that you have watched! 

What’s TV Time Rewind?

If you're new to our our app, welcome! TV Time Rewind will cover all that you've accomplished throughout the year, featuring your most watched shows/movies, favorite characters, and more year-end insights!

How to qualify:

To receive personal stats and be eligible to receive TV Time Rewind you must meet these minimum requirements:

  • Your account is at least 7 days old
  • You've opened the TV Time app on 3 different days during the year
  • You've tracked at least a few series or movies, voted, or made comments

Look out for more from us and happy watching. Please stay tuned! 💛