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TV Time 9 is Here!

Things are looking shiny & new around here! We’ve been working hard to improve your TV Time experience, and are thrilled to finally share TV Time 9 with you. Along with UI improvements throughout the entire app, there are several new features we’d like to introduce you to.

Scroll below for the exciting new additions. If you have questions, check out our FAQ!

What's New


  • Specials have been added! TV specials will flow into a separate “season” within a show (If a special is critical to the show’s storyline, it will flow into the season as well.)
  • Option to toggle between List View and Grid View in Upcoming tab
  • TV Time ratings at the Show level, which can be found on the Show Page
  • Ability to sort comments on Show pages by Most relevant, Most liked, or Most recent
  • Standardized Show menu, sliding up from the bottom


  • MOVIE STATS ARE HERE! Available through your Profile
  • Customizable posters and banners
  • Option to toggle between List View and Grid View in the Movies Watch List and Upcoming tabs
  • Voting and comments are now more easily accessible via the ""More"" tab


  • “Watched” date has been moved to the header
  • New “Create Comment” button and revised “Comments” button to improve legibility


  • Watch List and Upcoming widgets for iOS and Android devices


  • New look and feel, moving up your followers and introducing a 3-dot menu for Settings, Share, and Help Center
  • Access to your movie stats
  • Additional “Total Time Watching” stats and enhanced badges
  • Ability to compare stats with the people you follow


  • Option to share to Instagram stories and Facebook stories
  • Updated and standardized Share Cards Discover
  • Easier way to sort & filter titles directly with “Browse All” buttons