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The New TV Time Web is Here!

We have listened to your feedback and requests to improve the TV Time web experience and cannot be more excited to share it with you now. The new web, both the logged in and logged out experience, is sitting on a new, more stable foundation. It is designed to move in feature parallel with the app, however, there are a few exceptions between the app and the web:

The meme composer on comments is not currently operational on the new web experience. This means that you will not be able to create memes with screencaps in the comments.

Sharing things from the web experience may be inconsistent compared to the app.

There will be no browser notifications in this first version of the new web experience.

We intend to roll out most of these features in 2024. We thank you for your patience regarding these specific features. Tracking your shows/movies data should be consistent across both the app and the web, so feel free to shuffle in between.

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